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Demons 2 (1986)

Updated: May 30

A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down.

Demons 2 (1986) Movie Poster
Demons 2 (1986) Movie Poster


  • Lamberto Bava


  • Dario Argento

  • Lamberto Bava

  • Franco Ferrini

  • Dardano Sacchetti

  • Sergio Stivaletti


  • David Knight as George

  • Nancy Brilli as Hannah

  • Coralina Cataldi Tassoni as Sally Day

  • Asia Argento as Ingrid Haller

  • Bobby Rhodes as Hank

  • Virginia Bryant as Mary

  • Anita Bartolucci as Miss Poole

  • Antonio Cantafora as Mr. Haller

  • Luisa Passega as Helga Haller

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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