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Ghost Dad (1990)

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

A widowed father tries to support his children after he becomes a ghost in an accident. The elevator though is not the accident in question that brings him to his death.

Near the start of the film Elliot Hopper (played by Bill Cosby) enters the elevator to be joined by his colleagues as he is about to make the business deal of his lifetime. The elevator cables slowly start to fray and snap as more people enter. At the end of the scene Elliot exits the lift just before all the cables snap and the lift comes crashing to the bottom.

Bill Cosby as Elliot Hopper in Ghost Dad (1990) elevator scene
Bill Cosby as Elliot Hopper in Ghost Dad (1990) elevator scene


Sidney Poitier


  • Brent Maddock

  • S. S. Wilson

  • Chris Reese


  • Bill Cosby – Elliot Hopper

  • Kimberly Russell – Diane Hopper

  • Denise Nicholas – Joan

  • Salim Grant – Danny Hopper

  • Brooke Fontaine – Amanda Hopper

  • Ian Bannen – Sir Edith Moser

  • Christine Ebersole – Carol

  • Barry Corbin – Mr. Emery Collins

  • Dana Ashbrook – Tony Ricker

  • Omar Gooding – Stuart

  • Arnold Stang – Mr. Cohen

  • Dakin Matthews – Mr. Seymour

  • Raynor Scheine – Curtis Burch

  • Brian Stokes Mitchell – Teacher

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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