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High Anxiety (1977)

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

A psychiatrist with intense acrophobia (fear of heights) goes to work for a mental institution run by doctors who appear to be crazier than their patients, and have secrets that they are willing to commit murder to keep.

Elevator scene from High Anxiety (1977)
Elevator scene from High Anxiety (1977)

High Anxiety (1977) Movie Poster
High Anxiety (1977) Movie Poster


  • Mel Brooks


  • Mel Brooks

  • Ron Clark

  • Rudy De Luca

  • Barry Levinson


  • Mel Brooks as Dr. Richard Harpo Thorndyke

  • Madeline Kahn as Victoria Brisbane

  • Cloris Leachman as Nurse Charlotte Diesel

  • Harvey Korman as Dr. Charles Montague

  • Ron Carey as Brophy

  • Dick Van Patten as Dr. Philip Wentworth

  • Howard Morris as Professor Vicktor Lillolman

  • Jack Riley as a Hyatt Regency San Francisco desk clerk.

  • Charlie Callas as a demented patient who thinks he is a Cocker Spaniel.

  • Ron Clark as Zachary Cartwright

  • Rudy De Luca as "Braces"

  • Barry Levinson as Dennis the bellhop

  • Lee Delano as Norton

  • Richard Stahl as Dr. Baxter

  • Darrell Zwerling as Dr. Eckhardt

  • Murphy Dunne as Piano Player

  • Al Hopson as Man Who is Shot

  • Bob Ridgely as Flasher

  • Albert J. Whitlock as Arthur Brisbane

  • Pearl Shear as Screaming Woman at Gate

  • Arnold Soboloff as Dr. Colburn

  • Eddie Ryder as Doctor at Convention

  • Sandy Helberg as Airport Attendant

  • Fredric Franklyn as Man

  • Deborah Dawes as Stewardess

  • Bernie Kuby as Dr. Wilson

  • Billy Sands as Customer

  • Ira Miller as Psychiatrist with Children

  • Jimmy Martinez as Waiter

  • Beatrice Colen as Maid

  • Robert Manuel as Policeman at Airport

  • Hunter von Leer as Policeman at Airport

  • John Dennis as Orderly

  • Robin Menken as Cocktail Waitress

  • Frank Campanella as Bartender

  • Henry Kaiser as New Groom

  • Bullets Durgom as Man in Phone Booth

  • Joe Bellan as Male Attendant

  • Mitchell Bock as Bar Patron

  • Jay Burton as Patient

  • Bryan Englund as Orderly #2

  • Anne Macey as Screaming Woman

  • Alan U. Schwartz as Psychiatrist

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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