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Puppet Master (1989)

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Psychics find themselves plotted against by a former colleague, who committed suicide after discovering animated, murderous puppets.

Elevator scene from Puppetmaster (1989)
Elevator scene from Puppetmaster (1989)

Puppetmaster (1989) Movie Poster
Puppetmaster (1989) Movie Poster


  • David Schmoeller


  • Kenneth J. Hall

  • Joseph G. Collodi


  • William Hickey as André Toulon

  • Paul Le Mat as Alex Whitaker

  • Irene Miracle as Dana Hadley

  • Jimmie F. Skaggs as Neil Gallagher

  • Robin Frates as Megan Gallagher

  • Matt Roe as Frank Forrester

  • Kathryn O'Reilly as Carissa Stamford

  • Mews Small as Theresa

  • Barbara Crampton as Woman at Carnival

  • David Boyd as Buddy

  • Peter Frankland as Max

  • Andrew Kimbrough as Klaus

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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