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The Eye (2002)

Updated: May 5

A blind girl gets a cornea transplant so that she will be able to see again. She gets more than she bargained for upon realizing she can also see ghosts.

Elevator scene from The Eye (2002)
Elevator scene from The Eye (2002)

The Eye (2002) Movie Poster
The Eye (2002) Movie Poster


  • Pang brothers


  • Jojo Hui

  • Pang brothers


  • Angelica Lee as Wong Kar Mun

  • Cusnithorn Chotiphan as young Mun

  • Lawrence Chou as Dr. Wah

  • Chutcha Rujinanon as Chiu Wai-ling

  • Tassanana Nuntasaree as Ling (4 years old)

  • Damronowiseeatpanich as Ling (8 years old)

  • So Yat-lai as Yingying

  • Candy Lo as Yee (Mun's sister)

  • Dampcingcingtrakulsawadee as young Yee

  • Ko Yin-ping as Mun's grandmother

  • Pierre Png as Dr Eak

  • Edmund Chen as Dr Lo

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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