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Body Double (1984)

Updated: May 11

A young actor's obsession with spying on a beautiful woman who lives nearby leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences.

Elevator scene from Body Double (1984)
Elevator scene from Body Double (1984)

Body Double (1984) Movie Poster
Body Double (1984) Movie Poster


  • Brian De Palma

  • Bernard Rose (segment Relax)



  • Brian De Palma

  • Robert J. Avrech


  • Brian De Palma


  • Craig Wasson as Jake Scully

  • Gregg Henry as Sam Bouchard

  • Melanie Griffith as Holly Body

  • Deborah Shelton as Gloria Revelle

  • Guy Boyd as Detective Jim McLean

  • Dennis Franz as Rubin

  • David Haskell as Will

  • Al Israel as Corso

  • Douglas Warhit as Video Salesman

  • B.J. Jones as Douglas

  • Russ Marin as Frank

  • Lane Davies as Billy

  • Barbara Crampton as Carol

  • Larry "Flash" Jenkins as Assistant Director

  • Monte Landis as Sid Goldberg

  • Slavitza Jovan as Saleslady

  • Rob Paulsen as Cameraman

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood as Nightclub Band/Themselves

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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