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You've Got Mail (1998)

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Book superstore magnate, Joe Fox and independent book shop owner, Kathleen Kelly fall in love in the anonymity of the Internet both blissfully unaware that he's trying to put her out of business.

You've Got Mail (1998) Movie Poster
You've Got Mail (1998) Movie Poster


  • Nora Ephron


Screenplay by

  • Nora Ephron

  • Delia Ephron

Based on Parfumerie

  • Miklós László


  • Michael Badalucco as Charlie (The Elevator Operator)

  • Tom Hanks as Joe Fox

  • Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly

  • Katie Sagona as Young Kathleen Kelly

  • Parker Posey as Patricia Eden

  • Jean Stapleton as Birdie

  • Dave Chappelle as Kevin

  • Steve Zahn as George

  • Dabney Coleman as Nelson Fox

  • Greg Kinnear as Frank Navasky

  • Heather Burns as Christina

  • John Randolph as Schuyler Fox

  • Deborah Rush as Veronica Grant

  • Hallee Hirsh as Annabel

  • Sara Ramirez as Rose, the cashier

  • Cara Seymour as Gillian Quinn

  • Jeffrey Scaperrotta as Matt

  • Kathryn Meisle as Cecilia Kelly

  • Reiko Aylesworth as Thanksgiving guest

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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