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Gloria (1980)

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

When a young boy's family is killed by the mob, their tough neighbor Gloria becomes his reluctant guardian. In possession of a book that the gangsters want, the pair go on the run in New York.

Elevator scene from Gloria (1980)
Elevator scene from Gloria (1980)

Gloria (1980) Movie Poster
Gloria (1980) Movie Poster


  • John Cassavetes


  • John Cassavetes


  • Gena Rowlands as Gloria Swenson

  • Julie Carmen as Jeri Dawn

  • Buck Henry as Jack Dawn

  • John Adames as Phil Dawn

  • Lupe Garnica as Margarita Vargas

  • John Finnegan as Frank

  • Tom Noonan, J.C. Quinn, and Sonny Landham as Mob henchmen

  • Lawrence Tierney as Broadway bartender

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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