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Happily Ever After (2004)

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Is the love compatible with coupledom? And what of freedom and fidelity? These are some of the questions facing two married men.

Elevator scene from Happily Ever After (2004)
Elevator scene from happily ever after (2004)

happily ever after (2004) Dvd Cover
happily ever after (2004) Dvd Cover


  • Yvan Attal


  • Yvan Attal


  • Charlotte Gainsbourg as Gabrielle

  • Yvan Attal as Vincent

  • Alain Chabat as Georges

  • Emmanuelle Seigner as Nathalie

  • Alain Cohen as Frédéric

  • Ben Attal as Joseph

  • Angie David as the mistress

  • Aurore Clément as the mistress's mother

  • Anouk Aimée as Vincent's mother

  • Claude Berri as Vincent's father

  • Nicolas Vaude as The disgruntled viewer

  • Johnny Depp as L'inconnu

  • Luis Saguar as Casper

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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