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Kwes - Bashful Music Video

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Director: Ian Pons Jewell _ Prod Co: Studio Murmur / Pulse Films Producers: Serena Noorani & Tim Harrison @ Studio Murmur _ PA: Sam Hill 1st AD: Tim Harrison _ DP: Doug Walshe & Matthew King _ 1st AC: Bruno Travers 2nd AC: Ghandi El-Chamaa _ DIT: Fraser Watson _ Gaffer: Seb Lamb _ Playback: Bruce Wuilloud Art Director/Set Designer: Theo Politowicz _ Set Designer/Builder: Rory Buckley _ Art Dept Assistant: Tom Gutierrez Stylist: Eve Dawoud _ Stylist Assistant: Gemma Pharo _ Make-Up: Stephanie G-M Runner: Simone Balduzzi, Josefine Gustavsson, Vimbai Mukwenha Editor: Gaia Borretti _ Sound: Aumeta _ Compositor: Morgan Beringer Colourist: Luke Morrison @ The Mill

Mother / Daughter: Emma Fletcher / Molly Petter Businessmen: Jake McLellen / Gordon Peaston Bellboy: Gabriel Montora Spa Lady: Anna-Maria Nabirye Receptionist: Claudia Coulter

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Thanks to Pasha Hotel & The Mill



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