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Mr. Foley (2009)

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

A man wakes up in a hospital bed and has his head bandages unwrapped to find he is not alone in the room as it seems there is now no noise unless it is provided by a pair of Foley artists and a small musical troupe providing a score.

Elevator scene from the short film Mr. Foley (2009)
Elevator scene from the short film Mr. Foley (2009)


  • Mike Ahern

  • Enda Loughman


  • Mike Ahern


  • Mark Doherty...Mr. Foley

  • Paraic Breathnach...Foley Artist

  • Paul Connaughton...Foley Artist

  • Louise Lenihan...Nurse

  • Gus McDonagh...Trumpet Player

  • Roseanna Purcell

  • Bryan Quinn...Percussionist

  • Brian Robinson...Viola Player

Sources: IMDB


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