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The Wanderers (1979)

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The Wanderers is a teenage, Italian gang in Bronx, NYC, 1963. They have their confrontations with other gangs. Drugs and weapons are uncool. Adult life awaits them.

Elevator scene from The Wanderers (1979)
Elevator scene from The Wanderers (1979)

The Wanderers (1979) Movie Poster
The Wanderers (1979) Movie Poster


  • Philip Kaufman



  • Rose Kaufman

  • Philip Kaufman

Based on The Wanderers

  • Richard Price


  • Ken Wahl as Richie Gennaro

  • John Friedrich as Joey Capra

  • Karen Allen as Nina Becker

  • Toni Kalem as Despie Galasso

  • Tony Ganios as Perry LaGuardia

  • Jim Youngs as Buddy Borsalino

  • Alan Rosenberg as "Turkey"

  • Dolph Sweet as "Chubby" Galasso

  • William Andrews as Emilio Capra

  • Erland van Lidth as Terror

  • Linda Manz as "Peewee"

  • Michael Wright as Clinton Stitch

  • Samm-Art Williams as Roger

  • Val Avery as Mr. Sharp

  • Dion Albanese as Teddy Wong

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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