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Wall Street (1987)

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider who takes the youth under his wing.

Elevator scene from Wall Street (1987)
Elevator scene from Wall Street (1987)

Wall Street (1987) movie poster
Wall Street (1987) movie poster


  • Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko

  • Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox

  • Daryl Hannah as Darien Taylor

  • Martin Sheen as Carl Fox

  • John C. McGinley as Marvin

  • Terence Stamp as Sir Larry Wildman

  • James Karen as Harry Lynch

  • Hal Holbrook as Lou Mannheim

  • Sean Young as Kate Gekko

  • James Spader as Roger Barnes

  • Saul Rubinek as Harold Salt

  • Franklin Cover as Dan

  • Sylvia Miles as Dolores the Realtor

  • Millie Perkins as Mrs. Fox

  • Josh Mostel as Ollie

  • Paul Guilfoyle as Stone Livingstone

Sources: IMDB & WIKI


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